What Are Cartons

Cartons are a type of packaging for food and beverage products you can purchase at the store. They are easy to recognize and are available in two types—cartons you find on the shelf and cartons you find in the fridge.

If your city has carton recycling, you can recycle both types of cartons.

Types of Cartons


Soy Milk

Almond Milk



Iced Coffee

Carton Today, Paper Tomorrow

To see the process in action, watch this video.

How Carton Recycling Works

Once you place your cartons into a curbside recycling bin or bring them to a recycling facility, cartons are separated from other materials to be recycled. This process occurs at a material recycling facility, where cartons are separated and shipped to a paper mill.

Fiber in the cartons is then converted into pulp in a hydrapulper (think giant kitchen blender), which in turn is made into useful products.